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Reassurance: A Pictoral

Studies have shown that fractals, repeating patterns found in nature at every level, calm and replenish our energy.

The center of a sunflower, a fern's furl, succulents, the form of a wave, the petals of a flower, the curve of a shell.

Scientists believe that the reason fractals are so calming and restorative for us to look at is that our brains are prediction machines and are always trying to predict what will come next so that we can stay safe and be ready. When we look at fractals we see this beautiful natural repeating pattern that is predictable. That feels really reassuring.

This is why nature is inherently nourishing to us. And why sometimes, for some people, being in a man-made environment for too long can feel depleting.

I know for myself that I derive great enjoyment from looking at the flowers I grow each summer very closely. To see how their bud shape is a smaller version of their open shape and how their colors flow in harmony with each other.

This is all I am going to write today. Here are some repeating patterns of nature to soothe you.

Sending love,


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never really thought about why I love the natural world so much. This explains it partially. At least it is a factor and an interesting one, never mind being esthetically beautiful. Thank you for the stunning photos.

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