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In Praise of Heart Leaps and Taking Action

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

I usually write in a more instructional manner with some personal examples. Today I'm letting you in on how I'm feeling and what I'm doing right now.

Making a decision and taking the right action feels so relieving even before you see the results.

A couple of days ago I sent an offer to the people on my email list to buy my new course which will be coming out in mid-January for 50% off.

This is what is called a founding member’s launch, and it’s a way of validating the idea you have before you spend advertising money. You do offer some information and send some emails that are designed to pique interest, but it's all fairly low-key, and from the creator’s perspective, you are asking people to buy almost sight unseen.

I've been working for months on this course, really pouring my heart into it.

And even with my doing my very best I have doubts- will people like it? Will it resonate?

Will it help them? Will I know the right words to say at the right time to help them unlock what's holding them back?

Logically, I know the answers to some of those questions already because the techniques and strategies that I present in my course are the very same ones that have helped my clients over and over for years. And so far, I can count on one hand the times over eight years I have been at a loss with what to say to a client.

Yet I still feel some free-floating, hard to pin down anxiety. Because this is something new for me. A new format, more support material like worksheets and videos, and a planned timeline. Any time we try new things, it feels a little scary, because we are leaving the known.

Even with those doubts, it feels good to have put it out there.

If I don’t try I’ll never know how many people I can help, or how to best do it. I’ll never know what works and what doesn’t.

I feel fear and I am moving forward.

I felt this way when I left my hometown for the Lower 48 (this is what Alaskans call the contiguous US). I felt this way when my husband and I opened our wellness clinic. I see my friends feel this way when they embark on new business ideas, relationships, and living locations. My goodness, all the upraised courage that is everywhere!

I'm feeling a bizarre combination of fear and freedom.

Fear that no one will find value in what I have to offer, and freedom because I'm offering what is in my heart.

I’ll tell you one thing- creating a digital course is a lot more than just writing the lessons and content.

I am learning so many new skills about delivery platforms, email providers, how to create slideshows, and how to create graphics, worksheets, and guides.

How to do voiceovers, how to light myself for the camera (glasses are tricky), how to create a video backdrop that is attractive and not distracting, how to pace and moderate my voice so that my students can hear me, I can communicate the feeling tone that I want to, and they have enough space between the words to absorb what I am saying.

And the copywriting! I'm of an age that I was taught cursive handwriting, the decimal system was taught alongside the imperial system, and there were paper card catalogs in the library, and there was (wait for it…) no internet! Now I'm re-learning how to write in an informal voice, using contractions and some slang. Those used to get red marks on my school papers. Now it comes across as impersonal and stodgy. I can’t quite bring myself to use gifs. Maybe next year. And the bolded lines? Those are for skimmers, people who skim through and double back only if it caught their attention.

I've had to face my fears of rejection, failure, and being on camera. I've had to get over thinking my voice sounds funny. And I've gotten to make fun decisions about brand colors, vibe, and philosophy.

Even this early in the process, I've learned a few things-

Consistency matters.

The spirit with which you communicate, your intention for others, shines through.

Everything worth doing has hard parts. That’s when the courage comes in.

It's worth it to put yourself out into the world if you feel called to.

That could be anything- art, teaching, raising children, rescuing animals, writing books, selling tea... there are infinite possibilities. The root, the bit that really matters, is that you choose what makes your heart leap. That’s what makes it worth it.

Sending love & courage,


P.S. In between starting and finishing this post, some angels bought my course, and I am feeling relieved and validated and so inspired to do my best for them.

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Jodi Trammell
Jodi Trammell
Dec 06, 2021

What a breath of fresh air you are dear one 🙏

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