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Self-responsibility doesn't have to be heavy.

Take ownership of your life.

That sounds like a big sentence full of responsibility, pressure, expectations, and possible failure.

But hold on a minute. We can start small.

This morning I had to get up early to take my car into the shop and it was really cold and windy out so I put on a lot of layers. It made all this bunching up stuff behind my neck and head that felt really uncomfortable on my car seat. First I just kind of tried to ignore it. And then I realized – and I know this is small and silly – I could take ownership of the comfort of my own neck in my own car and adjust my seat to accommodate that bunched up material. It made my ride to the auto mechanic a lot more comfortable. And honestly having a comfortable neck, in my life, has a big ripple effect in my day. I will be more cheerful, kinder, and comfortable.

So let’s take ownership of our lives, and let’s start small. We can even start in a caring compassionate way! Is there something small you could do that would help your life be more comfortable, that is just for you? That you are responsible for, that will only benefit (or at least mostly) you?

What about wearing a clean nightgown tonight, or having your favorite tea? Or remembering to bring your takeout container of coffee with you when you leave the house? Or your water bottle? Or plan that date with a friend for the upcoming weekend?

Self-responsibility can be easy and kind.


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