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what lies beneath the skin

What we call fat is so full.

It is what holds our blood, lymph vessels, and nerves in a lovely padded home so they can do their job.

The lipocytes themselves are so varied. They are lush and pillowy in some areas, small and fine in others. They adhere more or less to the layer of deep fascia beneath them and skin above them. They serve different functions in different places.

This subcutaneous layer is a reservoir for hormones and therefore emotion. It is what we communicate both with and through.

For a long time, I have wanted to have a magic wand that gave every one of us deep reassurance. Our embracing layer of fat is where this reassurance comes from and goes to.

This layer, it’s the superhighway for so many things.

It carries our supply lines.

It nourishes our children.

It is what we love and love with.

It is what makes hugs feel good.

It really is beautiful.

I believe in health.

I believe in strength.

I don’t believe in forcing a six-pack onto a body that does want it.

Or wanting to look like someone else.

I will help you shed what is healthy to shed.

To let go of past pain,

To learn to care for yourself more completely.

To realize that you are worthy of love.

To feel that truly.

And your body will change because it is all inexorably connected.

What I will not do is help you change your outer form without addressing all that you carry.

Informed by cadaver dissection.

Photo credit David Moore.


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